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sunbeams02-150x150The destination may be ever so sweet, but it will be so much more enjoyable if you really pour your full energy and passion into the journey. Solomon said it this way: “Wisdom is supreme; therefore get wisdom. Though it cost all you have, get understanding.” [Proverbs 4:7]

The thing about learning and searching is that, after intensely applying yourself to get understanding, there is infinitely more to learn than you thought when you began. The road to discovery is far longer than you ever imagined. Even if you get to the end of the journey and you don’t regret a thing, you will know that it could have been better. Do your best; you only have so many chances. Sometimes you only get one shot to hit the target.

Let this post be an opportunity to step back for a moment and get a fresh perspective on yourself. Make a quality decision to never stop growing, learning, discovering. Years ago I had a teacher who said it this way, “You have two choices in life: Keep growing or keep getting older.” To keep growing is the secret of a sustainable life.

Be wary when someone offers to do what only you can do. There are things you can’t do, so either get yourself prepared to do those things or depend on someone else to do them. You can’t control what other people do, but you can control what you do. If you make a mistake, just admit it and get it right. You are your own best prophet, so expect the best. Say what you believe and believe what you say.

Do what others are unwilling to do. Make the necessary sacrifices without expecting the praises or the collaboration of others. When you succeed, there will be both praise and criticism. Do the right thing instead of the easy thing. Push for excellence. Leave a legacy. Do it for your children’s children.

Don’t join the club. Make the tough choices. Don’t settle for just getting by. Don’t go along with the majority just because it’s popular. Chart your own course:

  1. Plan with detailed goals. Follow the plan.
  2. Set your priorities. Make appointments to keep them important.
  3. Water and feed your vision with research and development.
  4. Manage your time. Only you can schedule your journey.
  5. Collaborate, communicate and brainstorm with your team.
  6. Celebrate every success. Celebrate with your team. Tell others.

At the end of the day, how do you answer these questions:

  1. Are you fully content with the decisions you have made?
  2. Will others benefit from your decisions or will your decisions benefit you alone?
  3. Grow and live; stagnate and die. Choose wisely.
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