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Setting aside financial reasons for starting your own garden, let’s look at some personal benefits and motivation for having a garden. Once you have absorbed the value a garden could add to your life, you will no doubt agree with me that these often overlooked more subtle factors are the ones that get you hooked on such an “earthy” activity that causes you to roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty.

  1. Physical Conditioning ~ Gardening provides regular physical exercise and plays a vital role in the prevention of heart disease, obesity, adult-onset diabetes and high blood pressure. It also provides the strength training important in the prevention of osteoporosis.
  2. Accomplishment ~ Gardening provides fresh fruits and vegetables and the joy of eating them and sharing them. A strawberry you pick from the garden tastes sweeter partly because you know you were responsible for it getting to your table. An important factor to consider is that when you grow your own food you have control over what methods are used to grow it.
  3. Discovery ~ Gardening stimulates the explorer inside you, as you find yourself Garden_Herbsdiscovering new tastes and health benefits associated with organic produce. Fresh herbs are a bonus from the garden. Herbs enhance the flavor of foods naturally and tastefully, reducing the use of salt and sugar. Herb growing is one of the best ways to ease into gardening while transforming you into a gourmet chef.
  4. Creativity ~ Tending a garden requires you to use your head and your creative juices. The time spent planning a garden and researching different plants and gardening techniques is a great brain workout. You may be amazed at how valuable the understanding of gardening can be as a model for a thriving economy and healthy environment. There is great wisdom in keeping your brain and body active.
  5. Social Connection ~ Gardening connects you with people. It’s like walking down the street with a new puppy. Everybody talks to a gardener. It’s also a great activity to do with kids. You might consider giving them a section of the garden all their own. Some of life’s most memorable lessons can be learned in the garden such as delayed gratification and which way to lay down a rake.
  6. Biorhythm ~ Gardening connects you with nature and the rhythm of life. Gardening requires you to live in garden time. We all could use a lesson in slowing down to get more done. Life is more than completing a task checklist. Studies have revealed that just viewing a garden or nature has healthy psychological benefits.
  7. Therapeutic ~ Gardening can be especially beneficial for people with special needs or those recovering from an illness. Gardening promotes an increased range of motion, develops eye-hand coordination, improves motor skills and increases self esteem. Also, time spent in the sunshine is a great way to absorb natural doses of vitamin D.
  8. Pleasure ~ Have fun gardening. Relax and remember that your garden doesn’t have to be picture perfect all the time. Decide to have a garden this year. Whether it’s a window box or an acre, you will be healthier for it. Yes, it is a wise investment – the dividends are far greater than you can gather in a basket. I read somewhere that “gardening is a labor of love. A treadmill is just labor.”Garden_Tomatoes
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