Royal Super Tree

Imperial China had a custom by which a newborn Empress was guaranteed good fortune throughout her adult life and for many generations. The custom was for the Emperor to have a forest of Royal Dragon trees planted in the year of her birth and by the time she reached age 12 a forest of 45 foot (14 meter) prime timber was ready to be harvested, if necessary, to provide whatever needs she might have. Every time a Royal Dragon tree was cut down, multiple shoots burst out of its stump to perpetuate the prosperity of the Empress and the royal family.

Today, that tree is still commonly known as the Royal Empress or Royal Paulownia. It is one of the fastest growing trees in the world. Its wood is worth 5 to 10 times the price of pine. It produces 4 times the volume of lumber as pine. Its wood is stronger and lighter than pine and it can be harvested as early as 5 years. It matures in 12 to 20 years instead of the 25 to 35 years recommended for pine. Additionally, as stated above, the stump of a freshly cut tree can produce as many as 10 new trees, which can be sliced off and propogated in new locations or sold for seedlings.

A 10-inch Paulownia seedling or cutting can grow 12 to 16 feet the first year and an additional 5 to 10 feet in the second year. The third year the tree begins to branch out and starts to look like a fully mature tree. By the time it is 12 to 20 years old it will reach a fullgrown height of 60 feet or higher (over 18 meters). Paulownia is drought resistant and can be raised in a wide variety of climates. It has been grown in limited numbers in the US for over 150 years and is now positioned to open vast timber production all over the nation and around the world.

Paulownia timber has always been in great demand. The wood has long been used in the making of moldings, cabinets, doors, windows, veneers, furniture and musical instruments. New applications are being discovered as the wood becomes known by various industries, such as aircraft, marine, automotive, shipping, and any other industry that uses wood and needs a strong, lightweight, non-distorting material that is durable, plentiful and profitable.

The environmental impact of the Royal Empress tree is perhaps its most outstanding characteristic. The trees flourish in damaged or contaminated soil and turn it into productive soil. They devour ten times more carbon dioxide (CO2) than other trees and commensurately produce 10 times more oxygen. This one characteristic alone distinguishes the Paulownia as perhaps the most amazing tree in the world. Oh, I almost forgot to mention that its lavendar or white blossoms in the spring make it easy on the eyes as well!

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