Medical researchers call it the “Master Antioxidant.”  Glutathione is the most basic and abundant antioxidant in the body. As you age, your ability to produce glutathione is diminished. When the body is producing sufficient levels of glutathione, the immune system is better able to fight off disease and the body has more energy for everyday activities. At higher levels glutathione has the ability to bind to organic toxins, heavy metals, solvents and pesticides to help transform them so they can be excreted in urine or bile. It supports healthy liver function and immune function, and reactivates spent vitamin C and E to restore their antioxidant capabilities.

Glutathione enhances energy levels by helping to transport fatty acids into the mitochondria, the “power plants” found within each cell. As glutathione production diminishes over the years, cells begin to die in greater numbers, manifesting in the evidences of old age and greater susceptibility to disease. Many report that within a few days after beginning to raise glutathione levels, they notice a rejuvenation in mental alertness, energy levels and even younger looking skin.

Glutathione cannot effectively be taken as a supplement, but must be naturally synthesized by the body at the cellular level through chemical processes within each cell. There are a number of supplements on the shelf that claim to raise glutathione levels,  but the only real supplement you need is the amino acid cysteine.

You can find n-acetal-cysteine (N-A-C) as a product in the health food store, but N-A-C has some undesirable side effects that preclude it from being a wise choice for cysteine supplementation.  The only really safe and effective way to derive lasting health benefits is by taking the natural form of cysteine, which comes from raw unpasteurized and unhomogenized milk. Low levels of natural cysteine can be found in eggs, fish and yogurt. Babies that are breastfed, get potent doses of cysteine from mother’s milk. That is why study after study shows that breastfed babies have the best chance of a healthy head start in life.

There is only one product on the market that provides a generous supply of natural cysteine for glutathione production in the body. It is called Immunocal. It has over 20 years of solid research and development, dozens of clinical studies, 10 patents and the support of the medical community.

The natural cysteine in one dose of Immunocal is derived from 10 liters (over 2-1/2 gallons) of fresh whole milk. The dairy that provides the milk for Immunocal adheres to the highest standards with only 100% organic food supply and no added growth harmones or antibiotics. The unique patented process to extract the cysteine, renders it fat-free and lactose-free.

The number one cause of death is “natural causes” or a depleted supply of glutathione. Raising glutathione levels is basic to promoting general health and vitality.

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