eye-vision01I believe we really help people in need only when we empower them to thrive within their own cultural surroundings. This can be accomplished through a network of faithful leaders within that culture who share the same mission that we do, but with an infinitely greater ability to communicate with their own countrymen in an articulate and convincing manner. I am in contact with such leaders in many parts of the world who are ready to implement these projects as soon as we put the tools in their hands.

Five Areas of Focus (First Four in order of development. Education throughout)

I – Pure Water: Basic to Survival – Wells, Purification, Desalination, Distribution – see ‘Water for the Nations.’

  1. Disease Free
  2. Chemical Free
  3. Abundant Supply – for Today and the Future

II – Sustainable Food Supply: Village→Region→Nation→World

  1. Village Project – Everyone Contributes to Food Supply
  2. Organic – Natural Techniques, Soil Regeneration
  3. Soil and Water Conservation – Optimize land and water use
  4. Fish, Fowl, Animal Projects – Home Grown Protein
  5. Compatible with Climate and Culture

III – Green Energy – Renewable and Sustainable

  1. Wind, Solar, Water, Magnetic, Geothermal, Hydrogen
  2. Pollution Free
  3. Simple to Maintain

IV – Industry and Commerce – Outgrowth of First Three

  1. Marketable Food Supply
  2. Water and Wastewater Projects
  3. Energy Distribution, Production of Energy Products
  4. Develop Local Industries
  5. Develop Commerce: Village→Region→Nation→World
  6. Develop Sustainable Financial Practices: Village→Region→Nation

V – Education: God-Centered, Bible-Based, Beneficial to All

  1. Age Appropriate Education
  2. Well-Rounded, Instructing Body, Soul, Spirit
  3. Develop Curriculum for In-Village Learning
  4. Develop Leaders: Pastors, Educators, Businesspeople, etc., who will teach others.

Thank you for your interest in Sustainable Life For All Nations. Everything I am working on for the rest of my days on earth fits into this outline.

Working together we multiply the results,

Steve McFarland – traveler

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